Tiny Tots (1.5 - 2)

These 30-minute, parent-involved classes are designed to build toddlers’ basic coordination and listening abilities through fun activities and exercises. Students will learn foundational skills such as jumping, climbing, and following directions to prepare them to independently participate in Mighty Mites classes.


Mighty Mites (3-4)

These fun and creative classes help children improve their coordination, strength, flexibility, self-confidence, and listening. Students will work on locomotor skills like running, skipping, jumping, and rolling. They will also delve into basic gymnastics skills, including balancing on the beams, beginning handstands and cartwheels, using the vault board, and swinging on bars.

Gymnastics (5+)

These recreational classes teach students the foundations of boys and girls gymnastics. Students begin at Level 1 and progress as they learn increased flexibility, strength, and technique. Our coaches track each student’s progress on our Parent Portal, allowing parents to follow along as their child masters new skills. We celebrate our students’ achievements with graduations as they advance through the leveling system. Our gymnastics classes pair supportive learning with enriching fun!